Geo Located Services

Make life easier by automating your system based on your location.

You can opt into a feature that does helpful things around your house when you're leaving home or on your way back. Places uses your smartphone's location to understand where you’re headed to make your day easier.

1: Forgot to lock up? No problem.

Do you ever get that sneaking suspicion that you left the garage open or door unlocked? Places knows if you’ve left without locking up and alerts you to do so.

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2: Save energy when you leave the house

An effective way to lower your energy bill is to set your thermostat back a few degrees when your house is empty. But when you're late for work or excited for a road trip, it's easy to forget.

Set up a rule for your thermostat for automatic savings when no one’s home.

3: Come home to a warm welcome

On your way back home, Places works in reverse so you’re already comfortable as you walk through the door. It can set your thermostat back up and even turn on your smart lights as you get there.

4: Pause your security cameras when you don't need them

Places lets you automatically pause any, or all, of your cameras' recording schedules when you're home. It's an easy way to conserve video clips and eliminate alerts that you don't need.

5: Customize your rules with multiple geo-fences

Make Places work for you by setting up specific areas for certain actions—like turning up the thermostat to cool the house as you leave work, and turning on the lights as you get closer to home. You can use rules like this to fit your unique needs.

Places is included with the majority of smart home security packages, at no extra charge.

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