Full family protection

Proactive technology for your loved ones' independence.

How it works

Press your help button

Press the help button on your medical alert watch or pendant, which should be worn at all times. In the case of a fall, fall detection will call for help for you.

Talk to a response specialist

Our highly trained Response Specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you.

Get the right help

Our response specialists assess your situation and call the emergency contact best suited to help you, whether a family member, friend, neighbor or first responder.

Know they're safe

Is Mom up and about? Did Dad leave the house today? We give you an easy way to know.

Wellness uses a system of non-intrusive sensors throughout the home to alert you when meaningful activity does, or doesn’t, happen.

Connect anytime

Your dad's phone may not always be nearby. Our wellness camera push-to-talk feature allows him to call you with one touch. See and hear him all from one app, anywhere you go.

One step ahead

Well-being problems can be hard to notice. Our wellness system can spot them early, alerting you to unusual activity or subtle changes in their routine.

Dad’s bed sensor indicates that he’s been out of bed since 2:00 AM.

Appetite: Mom’s refrigerator door sensor has been opened less than usual this week.

Dad’s chair sensor indicates that he’s sitting down longer and getting up less.

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Basic Protection

$49 Activation fee

Choice of Smart Watch or Pendant
24/7 Professional response
GPS Location Services

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