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We specialize in cannabis security systems in Vermont. Our decade-long experience allows us to create compliant security solutions for dispensaries, grow facilities, and manufacturers. Get a free consultation for a customized security plan.

Comprehensive Cannabis Security Services

Ensure compliance and profitability for your business. Our experts provide security plans, system installation, and consultation. We are the top installer of cannabis security systems in Vermont.

Tailored Security Plans

Safeguard every aspect of your cannabis operations with our robust security plans. We cover cultivation, processing, transportation, and sales, meeting all Vermont regulations for record-keeping, inventory, quality control, and crime prevention.

Cutting-Edge Security Systems

Protect your cannabis operations with our state-of-the-art systems. Our experts design strategic solutions that prevent inventory shrinkage, enforce compliance, and streamline processes. We offer professional installation and lifetime maintenance.

Ensuring Compliance

We specialize in cannabis security compliance. Our services help your local business become fully compliant and licensed, including automatic notification systems, access control, alerts, fire sensors, and more.

Professional Consulting

Benefit from our extensive cannabis consulting expertise. We assist with license applications and enhance your business's safety, efficiency, and profitability. Contact us for valuable insights and solutions.

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